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HONDA Air Filter 17220-PNA-003[CAR-WORLD]

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  • Materialair filter


  • South Korea South Korea
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HONDA Air Filter 17220-PNA-003


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Hello South Korea is in the Air filter manufacturer CAR-WORLD.
11 years steadily Korea car Air filter, Japanese car Air airfilter had been produced.

* 2010 indirect export sales

-Netherlands: 41,246.56 USD
-Italy: 34,830.43 USD
-Russia: 54,078.83 USD
-Middle East: 9,229.35 USD

* Domestic Market sales
 137,488.54 USD

Air filter can be managed directly from the raw product quality assurance.
All product prices are between $ 1.2-$ 2.7.

Our promise to customers is four kinds.

Four kinds of promises.
1. Is committed to low prices.
   Air filter creating your own going on in the distribution process because there is no difference in price.

2. Is committed to the highest quality.
 Air filter to make direct purchases of raw materials all come true because it is far from the quality inspection, Air filter for the best quality you can provide.

3. Fast shipping is free.
 All production directly, because the production schedule according to the time because you want your order shortly after 10 days, as long as you can ship within 17 days.

4. OEM is available.
  Buyers must be packaged the way you want.

You want a good product, reasonable price, we choose CAR-WORLD Air filter.
Quality, price, shipping, satisfaction I can have both.
You are interested in our company, the Product list and I will send the price list.

Thank you for reading this article.

C.E.O Beom Jin Yoo.

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